Candace Calvert

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“ . . . During this time of chaos and confusion . . . Thank you for providing shelter in my storm . . .”
Charlotte (Alabama tornado survivor)

“ . . . the entire book was just so sincere, romantic, passionate, with humor also--along with reality of life and how things really happen . . .” —Laurie

“Thank you for filling a need I didn't know I had and renewing my love of reading.” —Elaina

“I was a big fan of Dee Henderson’s O’Malley Series and had not found an author I liked as much . . . until now.” —Michelle

“ . . . I loved it! I smiled like I have not smiled in a very long time. I cried . . .” —Candy

“I read A LOT and these have to be my all time favorite books. They had just the right mix of medical drama, romance, faith and hope . . .” —Claudia

“ . . . I can’t put it down. I’ve read 126 pages in 3 hrs . . .” —Tanya, New Zealand

“ . . . just wish you could write as fast as I read.” —Margaret

“ . . . heart stopping . . . and heart melting . . . A great read and one for your keeper shelf.”
Lynette Eason, award winning, best selling author of the Women of Justice series

“ . . . grab your parachute and take a dive into an amazing story packed with solid characters, including Calvert’s Rx for great fiction—a heart-throb hero!!” —Ronie Kendig, the Discarded Hero series

“ . . . a novel that will grip your heart and keep you turning pages.” —Richard L. Mabry, MD, the Prescription for Trouble series





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